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Customer Voices #3

Since we have just completed our one-year anniversary we wanted to post a few of our most favourite reviews this year. These reviews make us happy and make us want to do more for our lovely customers!

Marylehome is ONE!

A year ago we launched our brand: Marylehome. From the day we started sketching our design onto a blank sheet of paper to launching it, it has been nothing but a great experience.

Summer bedroom must haves

Summer is here! It’s hot, the sun is out, and we want this to never end. We have listed a bunch of things you could do/ add to your room to make it summer friendly.

Skin care tips before bed time

Beauty sleep is not a fairytale! Taking care of your skin at night is really essential to achieving a glow in the morning. Here are some basic things you could do at night to wake up with the cleanest skin possible.

Ashley Neill x Marylehome

Meet Ashley. She recently bought a set of the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet, and this is what she has to say about them.

Customer Voices #2

Decided to jump on the Marylehome lifestyle yet? Let’s help you decide through our favourite customer reviews!

The benefits of a quick snooze

Ever wondered why people take a ‘power nap’ during the day? Taking a quick nap has been proven to provide multiple benefits.

Bed sheets made easier for people with Arthritis

Living with Arthritis can make chores around the house very painful, and sometimes there’s no easy solution to be found for everyday mundane tasks. This is where we come in: Marylehome is a 2-part fitted sheet that is convenient, comfortable & hassle-free.

Customer Voices #1

Here’s some of the favourite user reviews that made our day! These happy customers will surely help you decide whether you should invest in Marylehome or not…

Physical activity and sleep
You have probably heard that physical activity is important. But did you know that it can also help improve your sleep? 
How to give your bedding a proper wash

You know that you should be washing your bed sheets regularly. But how should one wash their bedding? Here’s a list of things you should do to make sure that you are giving your sheets a proper wash.

Richard Reeds x Marylehome

Meet Richard, a branding and PR consultant. He recently bought a set of the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet, and this is what he has to say about them.

How to get quality sleep during a stressful time

Sleep is one of the most underrated part of our lives. It is tied to our health, energy, and mental well-being. Disturbed sleep can cause stress, anxiety and even depression. We believe that there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. And for that reason, we have compiled 5 tips for you to get better sleep at night.