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Discover the bedding of your dreams with our unique new Easy Bed Sheet; the first zip up sheet in the UK. It is easy to fold, fit and care for.

Our ergonomically designed Mattress Protector features a strengthened underside elastic for a snug fit that won’t shift during your slumber, while the Top Sheets are made from the softest cotton for a sumptuous night’s sleep.

What's in the box: 2 Top Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

Learn more about all the features of the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet below.

Single  190x90 cm
Double 190x135 cm
King 200x150 cm
Super King 200x180 cm
 Height: 31cm

Customer Reviews

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christina cotter
Love it

Absolutely brilliant and so easy to change now. Thank you

Catherine B
Brilliant buy

Life-changing - well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I no longer dread the weekly struggle putting on a fitted sheet however big or deep they are. The feel of the fabric is lovely and soft and although it isn’t as tight-fitting as an ordinary fitted sheet, that’s not a problem. I’ve got the ivory which is closer to cream. Wish they came in white. Now please do the same for duvet covers!!!

I love this mattress cover.

This arrived in perfect condition in a branded box. This is such a good idea. The picture on the advert shows 2 pictures, the top one is how it looks after shipping on the top, and the 2nd picture shows how it looks when you remove the zipped cover. The way this works is that you put the cover on your mattress, which is deep enough to tick under our very thick mattress. The sides are blue, and the top is white, which is also a waterproof mattress protector( it feels like a normal sheet), and it has a zip going around all 4 sides of the mattress protector. You get 2 covers that zip onto your mattress cover, so you've always got 1 to use while 1 is being washed. The zip is easy to use, and it's covered, which means it's invisible. It's such a good idea and makes changing bedding so much easier. I have a back problem which means there are a lot of household chores that prove to be too physical for me, this allows me to be able to change the base sheet, I struggle putting a sheet on that needs to be tucked under a mattress. It's comfortable and you would never think that the base is waterproof, it's not how waterproof sheets used to feel and sound when I used them for my children when they where coming out of nappies years ago. They have improved so much over the years.

Clever idea!

Item arrived promptly and was well packaged. Clever idea!

Hazel Smith
Zip up sheet

I saw this sheet/ mattress protector advertised & read the reviews and thought it was a good idea - although pricy (but then I figured if I bought 2 sheets & a mattress protector it would probably be a similar price) I have limited mobility so thought this would save me lifting the matress to tuck in a filtted sheet/ mattress protector each time I changed the bed.
However I am having to pull the sheet taut each day and tuck it in (more than I was doing with normal bedding) - am now looking at purchasing additional elastic straps to prevent this movement. It is easy to change the sheet and zip on the new one.
On a positive note the sheets are comfortable and less washing involved (and easier to fold a flat sheet than a fitted!!).
not sure if I would buy another - unless the elastic was tighter (or came with elastic straps to secure on mattress).


Zippy Changing

Change the sheets in a matter of seconds by simply zipping on and off.

Great Value

Each set comes complete with 1 Mattress Protector and 2 Top Sheets.

Easy to Use

Once it's time to change your bedding, just unzip the Top Sheet and replace.

Secure and Snug

Wide elastic helps you achieve a perfect fit which stays in place while you sleep.

A Seamless Sleep

The zip hangs down over the side of the bed so you’ll never notice it's there.

Instant Freshness

A spare top sheet ensures you never have to wait for the wonder of clean sheets.

Made to Last

With fabric designed to withstand multiple washes, these sheets will last for years to come.

Simple Storage

The removable top sheets are flat, making folding and storage a breeze.

Supple Fabric

All sheets are made with luxurious 300 thread count cotton with a soft sateen weave.

The Future of Bedding.







How it works

We’ve made changing the sheets so easy you could do it in your sleep.


They do exactly what they claim to do, it takes seconds to change them!

Greg Elmes

Where have these sheets been all my life?! I am never buying a normal bed sheet again.

Valeria Benyaminova

our mission

Our goal is simple: to create unique, innovative products that take the hassle out of everyday chores.

Our easy bed sheet solves an age-old annoyance without compromising on quality, for the dreamiest bedtime routine.

Marylehome Easy Bedsheet
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To keep your bed sheets at their very best.

Marylehome Easy Bedsheet

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Marylehome Easy Bedsheet

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