Care Tips

To keep your Marylehome bed sheets at their very best, follow our easy care tips.


Just pop your bed sheets into the machine on a normal cycle at 40 degrees Celsius.

Wash bedding inside out, separately from your other laundry, and with like colours only.

Always wash the top sheets and mattress protector detached (not zipped together)

Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent to keep it at its absolute best.

Do not use chlorine bleach as well as all products containing oxidizers, including OxiClean, benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids.
Do not dry clean.


Drying your cotton sheets naturally laying flat or over a drying rack is ideal.

If tumble drying, separate from your other laundry, use on low heat (excessive heat can damage the threads and zips), and remove promptly.

Always dry the top sheets and mattress protector detached (not zipped together)


You can iron or steam to remove wrinkles, or just let your bedding be. Our Cotton Bedding are at their best both un-ironed and ironed.

If not ironing, just put the bedding directly onto your bed to finish drying flat, smoothing out wrinkles with your hands.

If ironing, use a medium setting. To make this as easy as possible, we recommend removing from the dryer whilst slightly damp, and ironing straight away. It’s always best to iron your sheets inside-out to avoid any potential heat damage.


Keep your bed sheets in a cool dry place.