Top 5 Bedding Trends of 2021 (On a Budget)

Top 5 Bedding Trends of 2021 (On a Budget) - Marylehome

Do you ever get tired of your bedroom? Do you wish that you could snap your fingers and have the budget to redecorate regularly? While this isn’t possible for most of us, there are cost-effective solutions.

At Marylehome, we follow the latest bedding trends closely. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It deserves a little TLC. We’re sharing five affordable bedding trends of 2021 so you can give your bedroom a refresh on a budget.

1. Easy Bed Sheets

Raise your hand if you hate changing your bed sheets?

You’re not alone, we hate it too. Which is why we created our zip up bed sheet. All you have to do is fit your bed sheet as normal. When it’s time to change it, just zip off the top sheet, and zip on the second top sheet, in seconds.

Best of all, each set of Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet is a 3-in-1 piece, meaning you get 1 Mattress Protector and 2 Top Sheets for the price of 1 bed sheet.

In 2021, make changing your bedding easier than ever.

2. Cotton Bedding

One bedding (and probably the most important) trend of 2021 is to throw away your polyester sheets. It’s time you treat your skin to something softer and natural. Cotton is low maintenance, breathable, kind to your skin and lasts longer. It is the go-to material for bedding, and once you try it, you’ll never go back!

At Marylehome, we make our zipper sheets using 100% cotton, with a 300 thread-count and sateen weave.

3. Add Some Boho Chic

Sometimes, your bedroom calls for a little theming. The latest fashion trends always find a way of escaping into the world of home furnishings. Boho chic can be found everywhere you look, from pillowcases to duvet covers and cushions. It’s an elegant look to try, which can help pull together a room.

Your bedding doesn’t have to be eccentric. Focus on light off-white colours and mix up the fabrics of your cushions and pillows. Keep a blanket in a bold colour on hand or add a patterned comforter to the bottom of your bed.

4. Minimalistic Luxury Bedding 

If you don’t like the Boho Chic look, you can go for the Scandinavian look. The 2021 bedding trends are all about minimalism. You don’t have to break the bank to buy high-quality and expensive-looking bedding. Single colours and solid patterns do the job perfectly.

The key to luxury bedding is in the fabric. We make our Easy Bed Sheet using 100% cotton with a sateen weave that gives it the soft and smooth finish and adds a luxury feel. Think of the bedding that you’ll find at a luxury hotel.

5. Nature Inspired Bedding

Are you missing the great outdoors? Bring nature into your bedroom with some fun bedding. You don’t have to cover your room with patterns of birds or wild animals. If you want a more understated look, search for a botanically inspired bedcover and consider mixing your colour scheme up with a little green. This is one of the simplest bedding trends to try, and it can help open up your room. For a feminine look, keep an eye out for floral bed sheets in light and pastel colours.