Tips to make your guest bedroom feel homely

Tips to make your guest bedroom feel homely

It is safe to assume that you would want your guests to feel at home when they stay over. So we compiled a list of things you could do to make this happen:

  1. Provide a comfortable bed/mattress

Provide a comfortable mattress in your guest bedroom.

  1. Upgrade your bedding

Upgrade your bedding by adding good soft quality bed sheets like the 100% cotton Marylehome easy zipper bed sheets for them to lie down on. Add soft pillows and provide a comfortable duvet for them.

  1. Brighten things up

Add some accents to the room with plants, photos, books and colourful pillows to make their room feel cosy.

  1. Clean the closet

Make sure the closet is clean for them to keep their belongings. Keep some extra hangers for them.

  1. Clear the surfaces

Keep enough space for them to be able to keep their personal belongings.

  1. Supply extra linens

Extra clean towels for them to use is a must. Make sure they are folded nicely and kept in a place where they can see it.

  1. Help guests stay connected

In world connected by internet, make sure the room has good quality wi-fi.

  1. Provide privacy

The most important part of making them feel at home is PRIVACY. Allow them to use the space as they like and give them the quiet time they need when they walk into the room.