The Most Popular At-Home Wellness Trends of 2021

The Most Popular At-Home Wellness Trends of 2021 - Marylehome

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re spending more time at home than ever before. Nobody expected to live through a pandemic, or that wearing a mask would become a daily essential and hand sanitiser would become our best friend.

Social distancing has now entered our vocabulary, and mental health can take a bit of beating due to this. It’s time to think about looking after our mental health from within the home itself. These are four of our favourite at-home wellness trends that you can try today:

1. Laundry Day is Self-Care Day

We all know the feeling of arriving at a hotel and jumping into bed, with their luxe cotton sheets. The freshly washed sheets smell like a dream and feel soft enough that they lull you to sleep.

At Marylehome, we recommend investing in 100% cotton bedding and washing them at least once a week. Use your laundry day as a day of self-care. Go to bed early and enjoy the comfort and relaxation that comes with a new set of sheets. Our easy bedding, with its zipper sheets, makes this process quick and easy!

2. Take a Break from Social Media

While the world is a little crazy, it’s a good idea to forget about social media for a bit. Although we need to stay up to date with the news, too much of it can be bad for mental health. If you’re going through a rough patch, looking at social media can quickly become toxic.

We have to remember that someone’s social media profile acts as a highlights reel. Have one day a week where you don’t browse through social media or make a vow to log out two hours before you go to sleep.

3. Try a Virtual Exercise Class

Exercising is as much about your mental health as it is your physical health. You can still exercise without lifting weights at the gym. It might even be more fun! A quick search on YouTube will find you every kind of workout under the sun. All of it available for free. Whether you want to learn how to jump rope and want to try yoga, there’s a virtual exercise class for you.

4. Do Something You Love Everyday

With the future uncertain and impossible to predict, it’s best to take things one day at a time. Each morning, choose one thing that you’re going to do for yourself. It could be to make your favourite coffee or take some time to watch the latest Netflix show. Bring a little peace and tranquillity to your day by doing something for you.