Summer bedroom must haves

Summer bedroom must haves

Summer is here! It’s hot, the sun is out, and we want this to never end.

We have listed a bunch of things you could do/ add to your room to make it summer friendly:

  1. Add colourful summery accent pieces

Make your room nice and colourful with accent pieces that scream summer! Colourful accent books, coasters, or even plants can do the trick.

  1. Add accent pillows

Change up your winter pillows to loud colourful accent pillows on your bed. A hint of colour can bring upon a lot of light in your room.

  1. Wall art

Change up your wall art to scenic summer vibes.

  1. Keep the windows open

Let the fresh air of summer ventilate your whole room. This will allow your room to be cool for bed and also keep the air fresh in your room.

  1. Marylehome easy bed sheets

Use 100% cotton bed sheets. This helps your body to stay cool in the night. Our Marylehome easy zipper bed sheets are the best for this one! It also is easy to zip on and off (So less time making bed in summer, and more time being in it! J)

  1. Light blanket

Change your heavy blanket to a lighter one in summer so that you could feel cosy at night and not have to sweat.

  1. Air cooler/ purifier

We need the extra breeze of air in the UK especially during the hot summer months. Invest in a good quality cooler, or purifier and sleep in a cosy environment.

  1. Cold water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. There are amazing bottles out there that you can buy to drink cool water at any time of the day.