Jane Brindley x Marylehome

Jane Brindley x Marylehome

Meet Jane, a rheumatoid arthritis patient for 10yrs, aged 49, and dependent on family to change bedding.

We chat to Jane about how the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet has helped her regain control of her bedding routine… 

How did you find out about Marylehome?

I heard about Marylehome through Versus Arthritis, Arthr. I was sent a sample to test, and have since ordered more for our household. I will not be using any other bed sheets!

What was your first impression of the Easy Bed Sheet? 

High quality, innovative and easy to use. Why had no one else thought of this!

Also great value when you consider this is the equivalent of a mattress protector and 2 bed sheets.

How does it feel to use it and sleep in it?

It is so easy to use. The zips are secure and not uncomfortable when getting in and out of bed.

I change positions frequently in the night due to my arthritis. The sheet is smooth and soft. If it wrinkles at all with my tossing and turning, it is still far more comfortable than any other sheets. 

How has it made your life easier?

Ease of changing bed sheets; means I can change my sheets without relying on my husband or daughter!

Thank you for giving me back this independence. Combined with the Koa zip duvet cover and pillowcases my bedding is now something I can manage again.