How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room - Marylehome

Who doesn’t love a luxury getaway? Some people book hotel trips just for the room. At Marylehome, we have a few tips for turning your bedroom into a luxury hotel room:

1. Invest in Your Bedding

Comfort is key. It’s what sets hotel rooms apart. If you step into a 5-star hotel, you can be sure that they’ve invested in luxury bedding. There won’t be any polyester sheets in sight.

At Marylehome, we’re die-hard fans of cotton. We make our zip bedding using 300 thread-count 100% cotton, with a sateen weave finish for a luxury look and feels. These are the same thread-counts and materials that you’ll find in a high-end hotel room.

2. Add Light

Not all hotel rooms are the size of a suite. The illusion is in the lighting, which can help open up a room. You want to get as much light into your bedroom as possible. Invest in automatic lights for your cupboards and closets, which can make it easier to find things. If you have an ensuite, focus on white lights and place them over areas like your bathtub and vanity mirror. Also try to let in as much natural light to your bedroom as possible.

3. Maximise Space

Hotel rooms look bigger by maximising their space. They do this by using multipurpose furniture and products. You too can choose furniture that serves a dual purpose. Invest in a desk that you can place a TV on and use as a vanity in the morning. If you want a seating space, consider an ottoman that has internal storage. 

4. Make Areas in Your Bedroom

Hotel rooms have a space for everything. There’s a space for sleeping, an area for having a few drinks and a writing desk to catch up on emails during a work trip.

You can divide your bedroom into sections. You want to avoid sitting on your bed when you’re not sleeping, as you want to associate the area with peaceful resting. Decide what you need in your bedroom and work from there.