How to get quality sleep during a stressful time

How to get quality sleep during a stressful time

The last two years have been a nerve-wracking experience for people in different ways. The pandemic, isolation periods, and health issues have created some stressful situations. To counter that, we need to learn the art of shutting off.

Sleep is one of the most underrated part of our lives. It is tied to our health, energy, and mental well-being. Disturbed sleep can cause even more stress, anxiety and even depression.


At Marylehome, we believe that there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. And for that reason, we have compiled 5 tips for you to get better sleep at night:

  1. Take a hot bath at night

Hot baths at night can send you into deep relaxation mode. Your body temperature will drop when you enter the cool bedroom and eventually feel sleepy. Add some lavender bath salt to boost the effect.


  1. Avoid using your phone 1 hour before bed time

Get into the habit of switching off from social media and your phone before bed. Read a book instead!


  1. Write down all your thoughts in a journal

Jot down everything on your mind in a journal or the notes app on your phone, so that your mind is not surfing in them throughout the night. Let all your thoughts be in the journal for the night.


  1. Keep the bedroom cool and quiet

Make sure you keep the room cool and quiet. Cool bed rooms can help in making you sleepy.


  1. Use good quality cotton bedding
At Marylehome we make 100% cotton bed sheets for this very reason. The body needs to feel cool during your sleep time. Our easy zip on and off sheets are great quality for a great night’s sleep!