How Clean Bed Sheets Improve Your Skin

How Clean Bedsheets Improve Your Skin - Marylehome

Do you struggle with acne-prone and dull-looking skin? Have you tried every skincare product under the sun, yet it’s not making a difference? Your bed sheets are likely to be the culprit.

You know that your lifestyle has an impact on your skin. You know to drink multiple litres of water a day and add extra moisturizer during the winter. But we’re going to tell you why a fresh set of cotton sheets is the secret to clear skin, and how Marylehome will help you get better skin by making it easy to change your bed sheet.

You spend about a third of your life in bed, meaning it’ll have even more of an impact on your skin that the air conditioner at your work.

How your bed sheet can affect your skin

Your bed sheets are a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. As you sleep, your body sheds around 30,000 skin cells each hour. This is a process that happens without your noticing, but it has a major impact on your bed sheets. Dust mites feed off these dead skin cells and are invisible to the naked eye. Things like sweat and dirt also build up on your bed sheets, even if you can’t see them. After a week of not changing your bed sheets, you’ll find almost 25,000 more bacteria on the surface than on your bathroom door handle.

The solution for this? Make it a point to change your bed sheet once a week.

Part of the reason why people have a nightly skincare routine is to protect it while they sleep. If you don’t change your bed sheets, the bacteria build-up can cause pimples and worsen existing acne issues.

Dirty bed sheets can lead to more than just acne. Your cotton bed sheets are the fabric that your body lies directly on top of and is what you come most in contact with. As your body rubs against the bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells on your sheets, the friction can start to irritate your skin. Over time, this irritation can result in eczema, especially if you have a history of dry skin.

If you want to give your skincare routine a helpful hand, change your bed sheets weekly! You’ll also want to make sure that you use a natural washing detergent which is chemical-free. We know to use a gentle washing detergent for baby’s clothing because their skin is sensitive. Our skin deserves the same treatment when it comes to bed sheets.

Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet

At Marylehome, we make changing your bed sheets easier than ever ( Bed Sheet Zipper ). Our innovative two-piece system sits securely on your mattress and is fitted like traditional cotton sheets. When it’s time to change your bedding, just zip of the first top sheet and zip on the second.

Our zip bedding is made with luxurious 300 thread-count 100% cotton sheets and has a sateen weave to give it a soft and smooth finish. You can find out more about our zip up bed sheets here.