Customer Voices #3

Customer Voices #3

We started this brand alone in a room during peak lockdown in 2020, unknowing of how people would react to our product. Today we have so many customers enjoying our products all across the UK, and are happy with the product we provide to them.

Since we have just completed our one-year anniversary we wanted to post a few of our most favourite reviews this year. These reviews make us happy and make us want to do more for our lovely customers.

This is just the beginning!


“What a brilliant idea this is. I was getting fed up with my fitted under-sheet coming away at the corners and becoming crinkled. This is a completely different idea where the mattress protector fits right around the mattress and you only need to unzip the sheets for washing. There are two under-sheets provided, one on the mattress protector and one spare, and they are both made from 100% cotton which is both smooth and comfortable. They both zip on and are firmly in place on the bed. The mattress protector itself then only needs washing occasionally. The mattress protector and sheets are all easy to wash in a machine. This set is quite expensive but it will last for years, and I'm assuming you can buy extra top sheets if you need them. Very happy with this.”

John Ferngrove


“Life-changing - well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I no longer dread the weekly struggle putting on a fitted sheet however big or deep they are. The feel of the fabric is lovely and soft and although it isn’t as tight-fitting as an ordinary fitted sheet, that’s not a problem. I’ve got the ivory which is closer to cream. Wish they came in white. Now please do the same for duvet covers!!!”

Catherine B


“I bought this sheet set to try to solve the problem of our sheet constantly coming off our bed. With our newest mattress every fitted sheet we’ve tried (many types - regular, deep, extra deep, you name it) pops off at least one corner during the night. 

We’d bought elastic straps to try to keep the fitted sheets on, but then it was too hard for me to change all the time due to having to lift the mattress and hold it all the way up while fastening/unfastening the elastic straps. 

This sheet solves the problem that has been annoying me daily! After getting help to initially put it on the bed and fasten all the clip on elastic straps (bought separately) underneath, now we have a very secure sheet. To change it I just zip the top off and zip on a new one. Fantastic!

The texture of the fabric feels lovely and I really like that it has a integrated mattress protector too. It has washed well so far.

There were some shipping issues due to Yodel but Marylehome

couldn’t have been more helpful. They chased up Yodel repeatedly and kept me updated. When Yodel failed to sort it they resent the sheets with another courier very quickly. I was very happy with the helpful service.”

 A Wallace