Customer Voices #2

Customer Voices #2

Decided to jump on the Marylehome lifestyle yet? Let’s help you decide through our favourite customer reviews!


"This arrived in perfect condition in a branded box. This is such a good idea. The picture on the advert shows 2 pictures, the top one is how it looks after shipping on the top, and the 2nd picture shows how it looks when you remove the zipped cover. The way this works is that you put the cover on your mattress, which is deep enough to tick under our very thick mattress. The sides are blue, and the top is white, which is also a waterproof mattress protector( it feels like a normal sheet), and it has a zip going around all 4 sides of the mattress protector. You get 2 covers that zip onto your mattress cover, so you've always got 1 to use while 1 is being washed. The zip is easy to use, and it's covered, which means it's invisible. It's such a good idea and makes changing bedding so much easier. I have a back problem which means there are a lot of household chores that prove to be too physical for me, this allows me to be able to change the base sheet, I struggle putting a sheet on that needs to be tucked under a mattress. It's comfortable and you would never think that the base is waterproof, it's not how waterproof sheets used to feel and sound when I used them for my children when they where coming out of nappies years ago. They have improved so much over the years."




“I was sent these in return for my honest opinion on them.

I thought this was a fab idea. The dark navy blue base piece, fits onto your mattress, this fully tucks under every edge, giving a beautiful side view all the way around, this doesn't need to be washed each time, just the sheets on top. This seems well made, the sides had a good stretch to them and I like that they were fully tucked under, without the need to pull it too tight. The inner side looks like a good bit of padding, as such. The size was perfect, it's a double 190cm x 135cm.

The top sheet zips onto the mattress protector, you get two of these, one is already attached. I like that you get two, so you can put the fresh one on, whilst you wash the other one. It's easy to take on and off, just adding the initial zips, can be fiddly but not hard to do.

I love the colour of this, it matches my room perfectly. The fit is really good, the sheets aren't too bad to change, I would recommend it. I will say it's a little more than I thought it would be but I do think it is very good quality at the same time.”




"Wow this is such a great buy if you required quick and easy daily or weekly sheet washing. This sheet basically fits the wholes of your mattress and then you can simply zip off the top section easily when it comes to washing. It̍s 300thread count and very soft indeed to the touch, even after washing! Seriously simple to change and clean, zip on and off and jobs a gooden! This is great if you have one side of your bed against a wall so you don̍t have to pull everything out. Kit comes complete with two top sheets so you can be using one while washing one. I won̍t lie it̍s a very pricey but of kit, but worth it to certain people. Would be nice to see a wider range of colours!"