Customer Voices #1

Customer Voices #1

Customer Voices

Here’s some of the favourite user reviews that made our day! These happy customers will surely help you decide whether you should invest in Marylehome or not…


“Interesting concept for fitted sheets. Standard ones usually shift around and can be a bit of a pain as you have to adjust them daily. This product solves this issue by effectively attaching the sheets to your mattress. Youre attaching a fitted sheet to the base sheet so you dont really need to remove the base sheet at all. This fits the mattress snugly and doesnt shift around. I personally ordered the navy set for King Size beds and it fits very nicely. The colour is modern and neutral. What I like the most about these sheets is the ease of use and how comfortable they are. The fabric feels nice and soft and allows for a good balance of warmth and breathability. It is so much easier to swap the fitted sheets and I dont have to mess around with lifting the mattress every day to straighten them out properly. A bit expensive but definitely a good solution to the problem.”

N Russell



“This is such an innovative way to change your sheets without lifting your mattress. 
You need to put the protector on your mattress first and the bedsheet is then zipped up on the top. So when you change the bed sheets you just need to unzip the top part and chuck in the washing machine. No more bedsheets coming off the corner or being floppy and your mattress looks nicely tucked in all year round and stays in place. 
It's well made and feels nice on the skin and not itchy at all. It's made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count and sateen weave. Brilliant idea and has certainly made changing the bed sheets so much easier. Very happy with this and would definitely recommend it.”




“We have used fitted sheets for many years now after we became fed up of having to straighten, fold and tuck everyday, now we are even getting fed up with having to straighten out the fitted sheet of a morning to get rid of the crinkles, lol, so when I saw this sheet I thought it would be ideal. My mattress is a little thicker than the stated depth size of this but I still thought it worth a try and I'm glad I did as it fitted just fine, well with a little stretching, lol. This sheet comes as two separate component parts, the base section and the top section, these simply join together with a zipper. The seller has also included a second top sheet part so that one can be in the wash whilst the other is fitted to the bed. It took two of us to fit this initially mainly because of the sheer weight of our mattress but once the bottom section is on, fitting and changing the top sheet is a simple case of unzipping one and zipping up the clean one. When this is on the mattress there is no slip or play in it, so the sheet doesn't crumple at all, now in the mornings we can just straighten the duvet and pillows as the sheet stays perfectly fitted and straight. The sheet itself is made from 100% sateen cotton at a 300 thread count so it is lovely and soft to the feel and the quality is pretty good. We have washed each top sheet and used them both twice, so far there is no bobbling or thinning of the sheets and they still feel nice and soft to sleep on. With this set I have that nice flat sheet feeling without the hassles of fitting a flat sheet. I'm not sure if further top sheets can be purchased for this, as it would be nice to be able to have a change of colour without having to take the base part off. The full price of this is listed as 79.95 but at the time of this review the set has been discounted to 45 and at that price it is very good value. I can recommend this for anyone who hates sleeping on wrinkled sheets and who likes that sumptuous flat sheet feeling.”