Ashley Neill x Marylehome

Ashley Neill x Marylehome

Meet Ashley. She recently bought a set of the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet, and this is what she has to say about them:

A little bit about yourself…

My name is Ashley and I am from Belfast


How did you find out about Marylehome?

I found Marylehome after searching online for easy bed sheets as changing the sheets is my least favourite chore


What was your first impression of the Easy Bed Sheet?

The sheet arrived quickly and was presented beautifully. The packaging suggested quality and the sheets did not disappoint. They fold neatly so perfect for storing and the fact that you get one base and two top sheets makes it pretty good value for money


How does it feel to use it and sleep in it?

The sheet is luxurious and tends to keep a good even temperature. It has a hotel quality to it which is lovely to sleep on after a busy day. I love the fact they are so easy to wash dry and iron. Fitted sheets are so messy and the Easy Bed Sheet folds perfectly and can be easily stored.


How has it made your life easier?

I can change my sheet in around 2-3 mins which includes fitting a new one! I love it so much I have now bought 4 sets – including 2 as gifts for friends and family moving into a new homes.