8 tricks to make your bed room more calming

8 tricks to make your bed room more calming

Sometimes, there’s nothing like staying in bed all day and hibernating. Bedrooms are the safe, personal, and cosy space where one can just be themselves.

Here are some easy tricks that you can incorporate to make your bedroom calmer:

  1. Go for calming colours in the room

Using warm neutral colours provide a peaceful ambiance to the room.

  1. Cover the windows

Making the room as dark as possible before bed can help in your sleep patterns: especially for light sleepers.

  1. Use soft bed sheets

SOFT bed sheets are incomparable. Use Marylehome easy zip on bed sheets for that extra softness. Made with 100% cotton, these bed sheets will not fail you.

  1. Layering

Pillows on pillows on pillows and blankets on top! Layer your bed with cosy accessories to make your bed look like a perfect place to jump on. Have you ever heard of too many blankets?

  1. Use comfy rugs

Rugs can be used as a statement piece in your bed room. Use this opportunity to make your room cosy and your feet warm with minimalistic or colourful rugs.  

  1. Include a touch of leather

You could do this on your bed frame or even include an accent leather chair. This will make your room look extra cosy and (classy).

  1. Get a reading lamp

A soft light for your personal reading or meditation time. Try using a Himalayan salt lamp for an extra touch of décor.

  1. Put your own touch

What makes you happy? Plants? Calming photos? Star Wars? Add that little touch of your taste in your bedroom and call it your safe haven.