5 Ways To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Ways To Get a Good Night’s Sleep - Marylehome

At the end of a long and tiring day, all you want is to be able to put your head down on a pillow and fall asleep while counting sheep. But sometimes that can be difficult. We all know the saying ‘sleep like a baby’, but that rarely happens. If you suffer from insomnia or struggle to fall asleep, it’s even worse.

At Marylehome, we think we’ve cracked the code with our five helpful tips on how to get a good night’s sleep:

1. Sleep in Cotton Bedding

Your bed sheets are the bedding that your body sleeps directly on. If you choose the wrong fabric, your sleep pattern can suffer. We swear by 100% cotton bedding, which is what we use for our Easy Bed Sheet.

Cotton sheets can help regulate your body temperature. This natural material can act as a ventilator to keep you from overheating at night. Cotton bedding is a must-have if you live in a warmer climate or suffer from night sweats.

2. Put Away Your Phone

We’re all attached to our phones. They’re always in our hand, and we spend most of our time staring at a blinding screen. You want your bedroom to be associated with sleeping and not scrolling through social media feeds.

The blue light on your phone can surprise melatonin production, the hormone that helps you to fall asleep. If you have insomnia, cut off your technology usage two hours before bed and instead pick up a book.

3. Invest in an Eye Mask

The environment in your bedroom has an impact on how well you sleep. While you can't change the traffic outside your window, you can control what happens inside. While some of us prefer to sleep with a nightlight, others need to sleep in the pitch dark. If this sounds like you, invest in an eye mask to help block out the light. 

4. Relax Before Bed

If you deal with anxiety, you likely struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Make a point of trying to relax before bed. A cup of chamomile tea or a late-night snack of an oat bar can help you fall asleep. Both these foods help produce the melatonin you need to fall asleep. Stay away from anything high in sugar, as it’ll keep you awake.

5. Get Moving

One secret to a night of good sleep is to get up and move during the day. If you regularly exercise, it can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress and lead to a full night's sleep. When you exercise, you produce a high level of adrenaline, which is why you should exercise earlier in the day. By the time you’re going to bed, you’ll fall asleep like a light.